52 Reasons Why 2022 Wasn't All Bad

A very special edition recapping the best of 2022.

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of the Almost newsletter.

With what seems like an endless stream of bad news, sometimes we all need a little reminder that the world isn’t as bad as it seems, and there are always, in between the darkness, moments of hope and light.

Here are 52 reasons why 2022 wasn’t all bad 🤍

  1. Because Ukrainians showed us the power of hope.
  2. Because women in Iran showed us the true meaning of bravery.
  3. Because abortion is no longer a crime in Colombia.
  4. Because the Philippines raised the age of consent from 12 to 16.
  5. Because Spain passed a "Only Yes Means Yes" law that clearly defines rape as sex without consent.
  1. Because for the first time, there are more women lawmakers in New Zealand's parliament than men.
  2. And Chile's parliament is also a women majority.
  3. Because there is a record number of women in Australia's government.
  4. Because it is no longer illegal for doctors in Germany to offer information about abortion.
  5. Because girls who have been raped in Mexico can now get an abortion without parental consent.
  6. Because Finland changed its law to make it easier for people to get an abortion.
  7. Because people in Israel can now get an abortion without having to ask a special committee for approval.
  8. Because women presided over hearings in Egypt's top court for the first time.
  9. Because Colombia elected its first Black woman vice president, a former housekeeper turned environmentalist activist lawyer.
  10. And Peru got its first woman president.
  11. Because the world's best nurse is fighting to end FGM and child marriage in Kenya.
  12. Because being LGBTQ in Vietnam is no longer classified as an "illness".
  1. Because gay sex is no longer illegal in Singapore.
  2. And Antigua and Barbuda.
  3. And Barbados.
  4. And same-sex marriage was legalized in Cuba.
  5. And Slovenia.
  6. And Mexico.
  7. Because Tokyo started recognizing same-sex partnerships.
  8. Because Canada banned LGBTQ conversion therapy.
  9. And so did New Zealand.
  10. Because South Korea overturned the jail sentences of two gay soldiers who had sex.
  11. Because ministers in the Church of Scotland can now officiate same-sex marriages.
  12. Because a referendum to ban LGBTQ content for children in Hungary failed.
  1. Because India expanded the definition of a "family" to include those with same-sex couples, single parents and stepparents.
  2. Because its top court also ruled that marital rape is rape.
  3. And that sex work is work.
  4. And that abortion is legal for everyone up to 24 weeks.
  5. Because Sierra Leone abolished the death penalty.
  6. And so did Zambia.
  7. And Malaysia abolished it for certain crimes.
  8. Because the UN recognized the right to a clean and healthy environment as a universal human right.
  1. Because rich countries finally agreed to pay for climate damages in poor countries.

  2. Because Swiss people dug ponds for 20 years and helped the population of endangered frogs to explode, showing us climate action works.

  3. Because a "space out" competition in South Korea reminded us the value of doing nothing.

  4. Because Morocco became the first Arab country to reach the World Cup semi-finals.

  5. Because South Korea gifted us with a new football heartthrob.

  6. Because England football players gave us a reason to make "it's coming home" jokes by adopting a stray cat at the Qatar World Cup, naming him Dave and taking him home.

  1. Because football players around the world demonstrated the sport's values by standing up for human rights at the Qatar World Cup.
  2. Because in the face of Chinese aggression after US Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit, Taiwan showed the world how freedom and democracy are worth fighting for.
  3. Because Brazil voted out Jair Bolsonaro.
  4. And Colombia elected its first leftist president.
  5. And Australia voted in a leftist prime minister in the first time in a decade.
  1. Because the Ukrainian guards who told Russia's navy, "Russian warship, go fuck yourself", are alive.
  2. Because Afghan girls continued to find ways to pursue their education despite the Taliban's crackdown on their rights.
  3. Because a New Zealand man, who was shot nine times at the Christchurch terrorist attack, walked 360-kilometers to retrace the killer's path showed us the power of peace.
  4. And a single man on a bridge in China showed us individual actions can change the world.

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