This British Woman Got A Dance Group To Perform Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” At Her Funeral

Sandie Wood wanted everyone to remember her funeral, but not for sad reasons.

This British Woman Got A Dance Group To Perform Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” At Her Funeral

A British woman surprised attendees at her funeral by having a dance group perform Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust”.

Sandie Wood died at the age of 65 of tongue cancer on Sep. 19, 2022 and “wanted everyone to remember her funeral but not for sad reasons,” her friend Sam Ryalls told the BBC.

Video from her funeral in Bristol in the UK showed mourners initially looking confused when dancers emerged and began performing to the song, before joining in by clapping along.

Claire Phipps, the owner and manager of the Flaming Feathers, the dance troupe that performed at the funeral told Almost that she had jumped at the opportunity after Ryalls’ post on Facebook as she thought it would be a unique and special experience.

Phipps said choreographing the dance had not been as difficult as other events, but the group was not able to rehearse beforehand in the crematorium.

She said the performers had to ensure they got to the venue early and got a seat at the back where they had access to get up and flash mob down the aisle.

“We just had to be a bit sneaky and make sure we got a good seat basically,” she

Phipps said that the dancers had been quite nervous about how people would react, but the reactions in the room ended up being really positive.

“I think the people that knew Sandie really well, they knew that she was a rebel and that was what she wanted, so it was amazing,” Phipps said.

“She left the world as she lived it and that was being herself,” Ryalls said.

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