China’s Foreign Minister Says Claims That It Is Committing A Genocide Of Uighur Muslims Are Absurd

Chinese foreign minister calls allegations his country is carrying out genocide against the Muslim minority Uighurs “absurd”.

China’s Foreign Minister Says Claims That It Is Committing A Genocide Of Uighur Muslims Are Absurd

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has rejected allegations that China is carrying out a genocide against Uighur Muslim ethnic minority.

In an annual press conference on Sunday. Mar. 7, Wang called the charges “ridiculously absurd” and “a complete lie.”

There has been increasing evidence of abuse revealed at the camps in Xinjian province. Human rights group have accused the government of “oppressive system of mass surveillance, detention, indoctrination, and even forced sterilization,” according to BBC.

The UN has said that at least one million Muslims are detained in the camps, according to Reuters. But China claims that the camps provide vocational training for fighting against extremism.

Several nations have expressed concerns regarding the treatment of the ethnic minority; the US, alongside Canada and the Netherlands, have labeled China’s policies against the Uighur as a genocide.

Several nations have chosen to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing as a result of the allegations.

Wang Yi, the foreign minister of China, rejected Uighur genocide allegations and called the claims absurd during an annual press conference.

In response to the accusations, Wang said, “The so-called ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang is absolutely absurd. It is an ulterior motive and a complete lie.”

Wang also defended the new plans to institute the National Security Law and reform the electoral system in Hong Kong, saying Hong Kong’s “transition for chaos to governance” was “in the interest of all parties” and bring a “brighter future.”

He also said that the Chinese government has “no room to comprise on the Taiwan issue and no room for concession.”

The foreign minister of China Wang Yi rejects allegations of China's treatment of Uighur minority as genocide during annual press conference.

He urging the Biden administration to “fully understand the high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, earnestly abide by the one-China principle… and be prudent and properly deal with Taiwan-related issues.”