This Giant Rabbit Lantern In China Was Removed For Being Too Ugly

People have called it “possessed demon rabbit.”

This Giant Rabbit Lantern In China Was Removed For Being Too Ugly

The residents of Chongqing, a bustling city of 30 million in southwest China, had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the rabbit lantern for the Lunar New Year celebration, but it was not as gentle and charming as they had hoped.

The rabbit was created using traditional Chinese paper-cutting techniques and is covered with various icons such as clouds and coins.

The giant rabbit lantern was initially placed in Sanxia Square to celebrate the upcoming year of the rabbit, but authorities demolished the structure after receiving complaints that it was too ugly.

“Internet users say that the rabbit lantern at the square is too embarrassing. After the complaint, we got someone to demolish it,” authorities of the commercial district told Hongxin News.

One WeChat user described it as “possessed”.

“The rabbit has thick eyebrows and looks like a man with a serious expression. Is this a festive rabbit?” another person complained.

Following the rabbit’s destruction, some internet users debated whether the rabbit was truly that ugly.

However, not everyone has shared the same opinion.

“Must I say that, aside from the lack of details in the eyes, everything else is pretty good and does not require demolition. Rabbits are more than just adorable bunnies,” another WeChat user wrote.

Others praised the traditional elements on the rabbit.

Recently, another rabbit has also caused a stir in China for being too ugly.

China’s official postal service removed two special rabbit-themed stamps, created to mark the year of the rabbit, after receiving negative feedback.

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