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From Ethiopia to Myanmar, armed conflicts are happening in more places than you think, not just Ukraine. Here are some of the biggest conflicts happening around the world right now.

More On Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

🇺🇦 Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Ministry has launched a NFT (non-fungible token) museum to document the history of Russia’s invasion through unique, digital artworks.

🇺🇦 Roman Hrybov, the Ukrainian border guard who told a Russian warship to “go fuck yourself” when ordered to surrender, has returned home and been awarded a medal for his service, according to the Ukrainian defense ministry.

Afghan girl students took to the streets of Kabul to protest their right to education after the Taliban banned them from returning to school.

On Mar. 22, the Taliban banned girls from going back to high school after it promised all students would be able to return to school.

Following the news, a group of girls and women marched in front of the education ministry on Saturday Mar. 26 to demand gender equality and education rights for all girls in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban are scared of an educated girl,” a woman teacher said at the protest. “When a girl is educated a family will be educated, and when a family is educated, a nation will be educated, and finally an educated nation will never ever nourish the motives of terrorists.”

“We girls are allowed to study same like boys, Islam has given us this right, but the Taliban have taken this right from us,” a girl named Fatema told Reuters.

In response to the Taliban’s announcement, the United States has canceled meetings with the Taliban in Doha, which would have discussed economic issues in Afghanistan.

A Taiwanese school orchestra was playing when a blackout hit but it just continued in the playing and the video is incredible.

The Cheng-Gong Junior High School’s string orchestra from Hsinchu, Taiwan, had been competing in the National Student Music Competition on Thursday Mar. 3 when a power outage hit parts of the country.

“We had just played two or three notes, when there was a loud bang, and suddenly all the lights were gone,” the conducting teacher, Cheng Chiao-wen, told Almost in an exclusive video interview. “But I didn’t stop, so the students didn’t stop either.”

In the darkness, Cheng said she amplified her breathing, a technique commonly used by conductors, to help guide the students through the changes in speed throughout the song.

Although the outage lasted the entire performance, the students successfully played the entirety of 4th movement of Benjamin Britton’s “Simple Symphony Op. 4".

A video of the competition has since gone viral on YouTube, garnering more than 210,000 views.

The orchestra, comprised of 40 students from seventh to ninth grade, ended up winning the Excellence Award.

More Good News This Week

🇯🇵 A Japanese professor has created a lickable TV screen that can imitate the taste of food.

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