8 Palestinian Women Journalists You Should Follow

And what really happened in Gaza this week.

Hello and welcome to a special edition of the Almost newsletter, a new weekly email to help you stay updated on and make sense of the latest in Israel’s war on Gaza.

This week, we’re honoring the brave Palestinian women journalists of Gaza who have and are still risking their lives to document the devastating realities of Israel’s war on Gaza.

Here are just 8 journalists you should follow:

  1. Plestia Alaqad, age 22
  2. Bisan Owda, age 26-27
  3. Lama Jamous, age 9
  4. Hind Khoudary, age 29
  5. Noor Harazeen, age 35
  6. Doaa Albaz, age 29
  7. Youmna El-Qunsol, age 35-36
  8. Sumaya Mohamed, age 11

What’s Been Happening In Gaza

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