Good News: Greece Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Asia’s Most Eligible Bachelor Gets Married And More

Here’s some good news from around the world.

Good News: Greece Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Asia’s Most Eligible Bachelor Gets Married And More

Here are some good news stories from around the world to brighten your day.

1. Greece has legalized same-sex marriage, becoming the first orthodox Christian country to do so

In a landmark moment, Greece has become the first Orthodox Christian country to legalize same-sex marriage.

This comes after a majority of lawmakers voted in favor of a bill on Thursday, February 15 after decades of campaigning by LGBTQ rights activists.

Same-sex partnerships have been legal in Greece since 2015, but now same-sex couples can get married as well as legally adopt children.

However, the law still bans gay couples from becoming parents through surrogacy, which is allowed for women who can’t have children due to medical reasons.

Greece’s prime minister, who had pushed for the law, called it a milestone for human rights, saying it will end a serious inequality in the country.

2. The prince of Brunei, Asia’s most eligible bachelor, married his long-time girlfriend

The prince of Brunei, Asia’s most eligible bachelor, has married his commoner girlfriend in an extravagant 10-day ceremony.

Mateen married his longtime girlfriend, 29-year-old Anisha Rosnah, in a 10-day traditional celebration that began on Jan. 7.

When the couple announced their engagement in December 2023, many fans couldn’t help but feel sad, calling Mateen a “heartbreaker”.

Their union was formalized in an Islamic marriage ceremony on Jan. 10 that was attended only by men.

The reception was held on Jan. 14 at the sultanate palace and was attended by more than 5,000 guests, including royal families from Malaysia, Bhutan, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, as well as other world leaders.

The newlyweds then did a grand parade through the streets of Brunei’s capital, where thousands eagerly waited to catch a glimpse of the new royal couple.

3. A 28-year-old Salvadoran woman, who was jailed for having an abortion, has finally been freed

A 28-year-old Salvadoran woman who was jailed for 30 years for having an abortion has been freed, making her the last woman to be jailed for an abortion to be freed.

The woman, identified as Lilian, had been sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2015 after she gave birth in a hospital and the baby died 72 hours later due to complications.

The hospital then accused Lilian, who was 20 at the time, of not taking care of the fetus during her pregnancy.

Abortion is illegal in all circumstances in El Salvador, with no exceptions even for rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger.

Under the penal code, having an abortion carries a prison sentence of two to eight years, but being charged with aggravated homicide could extend the sentence up to 50 years.

Lilian, who has a 10-year-old daughter, said she never intended to terminate her pregnancy but was found guilty of aggravated homicide and jailed.

Abortion rights group Agrupación Ciudadana para la Despenalización del Aborto took on Lilian’s case, along with 17 other women sentenced to up to 50 years for having abortions for medical emergencies, under the campaign “We Miss The 17” (Nos Faltan Las 17).

Lilian spent seven years in prison away from her daughter until a judge acquitted her in October 2023, saying she had been in a vulnerable state at the time and the hospital was responsible for her well-being.

She was finally released on December 2023.

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