Sweden Has Created A Greta Thunberg Stamp To Celebrate Nature

The stamp series is aimed at highlighting the importance of the country’s nature.

Sweden Has Created A Greta Thunberg Stamp To Celebrate Nature

Sweden’s postal service has released a new stamp featuring climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg’s stamp is part of a stamp collection, released on Jan. 14, that aims to illustrate the Swedish parliament’s objectives to preserve the country’s habitats for future generations.

greta thunberg stamp sweden
Courtesy of PostNord

The new stamp series shows the natural places that the environmental objects are meant to preserve – high mountains and its flora, a living forest, agriculture landscapes, special kinds of morass with a unique flora, clean air for mankind, animals and plants to grow, according to PostNord.

Thunberg was included for her role in amplifying the issues both in Sweden and internationally through her “strong voice and on-going actions,” according to PostNord.

As Swedish stamps have a history of portraying topics relevant to the times, “it was an obvious choice to portray the environmental issues affecting us,” the head of stamps at PostNord Sweden said in a press release. “At PostNord we also have a great responsibility to decrease our own climate impact and to act as a thought leader of our industry’s progress in this field.”

The new collection, named Värdefull Natur (Valuable Nature), will be priced at 12 SEK ($1.43 USD) each.

PostNord’s stamps have always been a matter of strong tradition and pride among Swedish people. Other notable people who have been portrayed on stamps are author Astrid Lindgren, the children’s author who created Pippi Longstocking, footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović and the late DJ Avicii. The rainbow flag has also made an appearance on PostNord’s stamps.

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