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Protests have broken out in India after a nine-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped and murdered in New Delhi.

  • Police say the girl, who cannot be named under Indian law, had been murdered when she went to fetch water from a nearby crematorium on Sunday Aug. 1.
  • After she failed to return home for over an hour, her mother went searching for her and found her daughter dead at the crematorium.
  • The mother said the crematorium’s head priest told her that her daughter had been accidentally electrocuted when she stepped on a wire, but she noticed signs of abuse on her daughter’s body.
  • The mother said the priest and three other men then force-cremated her daughter’s body, ignoring her pleas to wait for her husband to arrive and determine what had happened. By the time her husband arrived with more than a hundred villagers, her daughter’s body had already been mostly burned and any evidence of alleged rape destroyed, she said.
  • Police told Reuters they have arrested four men in connection with the girl’s murder on charges of rape, murder and criminal intimidation, and an investigation has been opened and is underway.

Also happening in the world

  • 🇦🇪 Dubai’s missing Princess Latifa was pictured in Iceland and efforts to free her have been disbanded. In February, she accused the royal family of holding her hostage in a video.
  • 🇰🇷 Former K-pop star Seungri, from Big Bang, has been sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty of all nine charges against him in relation to the Burning Sun scandal. He has been jailed for prostituting women to potential investors, gambling and mobilizing gang members to threaten people.
  • 🌍 From Greece to Algeria, wildfires are ravaging across the world fanned by extremely high temperatures caused by heatwaves. In Greece, the apocalyptic fires come during the country’s worst heatwave in the last 30 years.
  • 🇹🇷 Meanwhile, Turkey’s north has been hit by severe flooding that has killed at least 31 people – just days after some of its worst wildfires ravaged its south.

Meet Kenyan doctor Jemimah Kariuki, who created a free ambulance service for mothers in labor at night during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Because there are no public ambulances in Kenya, Kariuki organized the “Wheels for Life” program as women became too afraid to give birth at the hospital and drivers didn’t want to drive them to hospital due to the coronavirus curfew.
  • “It pained my heart that we could lose someone due to child birth in this day and era and it really just made me so sad,” Kariuki, who is an obstetrician-gynecologist at Nairobi’s Kenyatta Hospital, said. “Right now, consequently going to the ward, I would see mothers who had again delivered at home, lost their children and come with extensive tears and I needed to do something. I really just needed to do something.”
  • In June last year, the program received over 5,000 calls and delivered around 600 babies.

Syrian children who were displaced by the war held their own version of the Olympic Games in a tent settlement near Idlib, Syria.

  • 120 boys from 12 different camps gathered to take part on Saturday Aug. 7.
  • Each wearing their camp’s color, the boys, aged between eight to 14, participated in “homemade” Olympic events such as javelin, hurdles, sprint, high and long jump, gymnastics, martial arts, volleyball, football and “horse racing”.
  • An organizer, Ibrahim Sarmini, told AFP the “Tent Olympics 2020” were created to give children some hope and “to introduce the kids to different kind of sports that we, as a society, hadn’t really tried before.”
  • At the Tokyo Olympics, Syrian athletes competed as part of two teams, with six on the national team, and nine on the international Olympic Refugee Team.

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