An Israeli Man Tried To Attack This Indian Woman Anchor For Wearing Palestine Colors But She Shut It Down

“I will not let you choose what I wear.”

An Israeli Man Tried To Attack This Indian Woman Anchor For Wearing Palestine Colors But She Shut It Down

Indian anchor, Shreya Dhoundial, has shut down an Israeli guest who tried to attack her for wearing colors that resembled the Palestinian flag during a live TV interview about the war between Israel and Hamas.

Israeli Intel Special Forces representative, Frederic Landau, was invited to the evening program on Mirror Now, an Indian news TV channel.

In an exchange that has since gone viral, Landau attacked Dhoundial for wearing a saree that is green, red and black – colors seen in the Palestinian flag.

“I can see the colors you are wearing this evening. That’s why I am purposefully wearing blue and white because with all due respect that the green, red, and black that you have purposefully put on this evening, blue and white will always prevail,” Landau said.

Dhoundial responded that her dress should not be interpreted as her support for any side and that the saree belonged to her late grandmother.

“If [my grandmother] was alive, she would have been about 105 years old today. She didn’t know what the Israel-Hamas conflict was,” she replied.

However, Landau then said she should “save it for a different occasion.”

Dhoundiual fired back, saying, “No, Frederic, I will not let you choose what I wear and I will not let you choose what I say. I will say what I have to say and I will speak the truth the way I see it.”

Video of the moment has gone viral on social media, gaining 4.9 million views on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Following the evening broadcast, the journalist tweeted that she was for once “at a loss for words”.

Gaza has come under heavy bombardment from Israel since Oct. 7, when the Israeli government declared war on Palestinian militant group Hamas after it launched a surprise attack on Israel.

In retaliation, Israel – which has illegally placed the Gaza Strip under a blockade for more than 16 years – has now ordered a “complete siege” of Gaza, stopping the entry of food, water, fuel, electricity and medicine to more than 2.2 million Palestinians as it continues to launch relentless airstrikes.

At least 8,252 Palestinians have been killed since, with more than 3,500 of them being children.

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