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An Indonesian woman TikToker has been sentenced to two years in prison for posting a TikTok video in which she recited an Islamic phrase before eating pork.

33-year-old Lina Lutfiawati, known as Lina Mukherjee on TikTok, was found guilty of “inciting hate” against religion and was fined 250 million rupiah (USD$16,245).

In the video she posted in March, she said “Bismillah” - which means “in the name of god” - before eating crispy pork skin.

Indonesia is one of the largest Muslim-majority countries, and eating pork is strictly prohibited in Islam.

The TikToker said she was traveling in Bali, the only place in Indonesia with a majority Hindu population, and she tried pork just out of curiosity.

The video gained millions of views, and many criticized her for “knowingly eating pork skin” as a Muslim.

Many conservative groups across the country also called the video blasphemous.

Police charged Lutfiawati in May for disseminating hateful information, saying it was an act of hostility over ethnicity, religion and race, according to BBC.

Rights groups and activists criticized her jail sentence and said the blasphemy laws have been frequently misused to target religious minorities.

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A young woman in London has taken TikTok by storm with her selfie videos of her dancing on the London subway.

22-year-old Sabrina Bahsoon, now widely known as Tube Girl, went viral for her first video in mid-August, which has gained over 7.8 million views.

In her videos, she films herself dancing and singing along to music while commuting on the London Tube while swirling the camera around.

Bahsoon – who was raised in Malaysia and moved to the UK to study law – said it all started with a “no” when she asked a passenger to help her film but was refused.

However, she was determined and decided to do it alone.

Bahsoon dances totally unbothered by other passengers and has quickly become an inspirational icon for TikTok users with her confidence and “delulu” attitude.

“I love dancing, I love music. To be honest the Tube itself is not the most glamorous place to spend your time. And because I spend so much time on it, music is my outlet,” Bahsoon told the BBC. “So honestly it’s just what I would do even if I wasn’t filming.”

#TubeGirl has now turned into a trend, as others were inspired to film their own version of the video on public transit.

Bahsoon said she was very happy to see the reactions and people joining the trend.

“They’re enjoying their commute a little bit better. And I love to see people having fun so it’s honestly such a heart-warming thing for me,” she said.

Thousands of people have gathered for a massive food fight at La Tomatina, Spain's annual tomato-throwing extravaganza.

The tradition was inspired by a fight among local kids in 1945 and is customarily held on the final Wednesday of August, which fell on August 30 this year.

At noon, six trucks loaded with tomatoes traversed the narrow streets of the eastern town of Bunol. Then, for an hour, participants hurled tomatoes at each other and doused each other in red pulp and juice.

Participants even wore swimming goggles to protect their eyes, according to Euronews.

After the one-hour frenzy, the streets are hosed down, allowing visitors to clean up before partaking in related festivals such as concerts and contests later in the evening.

This year, approximately 15,000 people joined the La Tomatina event, with the majority hailing from abroad, according to AFP.

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