Women Of The Week: Women In Argentina, Young Women In China And Japanese Musician

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Women Of The Week: Women In Argentina, Young Women In China And Japanese Musician

This week, we celebrate the win of Argentine women, who garnered the right to buy the morning-after pill without a prescription, as well as the incredible talent of Chinese women TikTokers and a Japanese musician who plays two recorders through her nostrils.

1. Women In Argentina

Women in Argentina who successfully campaigned for the right to legal abortion in 2020 saw the country further advance reproductive rights by making the morning-after pill available without a prescription.

This means women will no longer need to see a doctor and can buy the emergency contraception over the counter at pharmacies.

All health workers will also be able to provide the pills at hospitals, making them easier to access.

The government said this will help people to avoid unintentional pregnancies as they can buy the pill and have it at home just in case.

2. Young Women In China

Young women in China are taking part in a viral challenge that involves imitating “greasy men”.

The video trend began in late April on the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, when a Chinese woman influencer, Fangtouming (方头明), posted a series of videos imitating stereotypical “greasy” men.

The videos are not filmed to mock men but to flip the script on women’s daily experiences of being sexually harassed, Sixth Tone reported.

“This imitation is a mirror, forcing men to see who they are and reflect how they present themselves in daily life, which has been normalized in the collective unconsciousness,” Zhang Nian, a philosophy professor at Tongji University and a pioneer scholar in feminist theory, told Sixth Tone. “I’d say this trend is a social drama or a social sculpture.”

3. Japanese Musician Haruka Nigo

A young Japanese woman has astounded many people online by playing two recorders at the same time – through her nostrils.

22-year-old Haruka Nigo has been sharing her performances on her social media accounts @haruka_2go_, where she plays duets using a soprano recorder in one nostril and an alto recorder in the other nostril.

Nigo, who lives in Shima city in Japan’s Mie Prefecture, told Almost that she came up with the idea when she noticed in high school that “there are two holes above my mouth and thought my nostrils might exist for the purpose of playing duets.”

Nigo said she then decided to give it a try and discovered that it was entirely possible.

She has been playing this way for four years since, she said.

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