Israel’s Government Has Formally Approved The Prime Minister’s Plan To Reject Creating A Palestinian State

The parliament unanimously approved a resolution by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that states Israel is opposed to ‘unilateral recognition’ of a Palestinian state.

Israel’s Government Has Formally Approved The Prime Minister’s Plan To Reject Creating A Palestinian State

Israel’s government has formally rejected international plans to establish a Palestinian state.

In a symbolic move, the parliament unanimously passed a resolution on Sunday Feb. 18 put forward by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu that says it is opposed to “unilateral recognition” of a Palestinian state.

This means that Israel will refuse to recognize a Palestinian state unless it is involved in direct negotiations.

The decision comes after the Washington Post reported that the US, Saudi Arabia and other Arab States were finalizing peace plans between Israel and Palestine, which would also include establishing a state of Palestine.

“Israel utterly rejects international diktats regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians,” the resolution says. “A settlement, if it is to be reached, will come about solely through direct negotiations between the parties, without preconditions.”

The resolution says that Israel will continue to oppose the international community unilaterally recognizing a Palestinian state, adding that “such recognition in the wake of the October 7th massacre would be a massive and unprecedented reward to terrorism and would foil any future peace settlement.”

Netanyahu had already publicly rejected establishing a Palestinian state after the war in Gaza ends at a press conference in January.

He has also voiced over and over again that Israel must have security control over all the land west of the River Jordan.

The United Nations’ Secretary-General António Guterres said it was totally unacceptable for Israel to refuse to accept a two-state solution, saying that denying Palestinians the right to statehood “would indefinitely prolong a conflict that has become a major threat to global peace and security”.

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