Israel Is Still Killing Palestinians Waiting For Aid

And what really happened in Gaza this week.

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After killing more than 112 people in the Flour Massacre, Israel is still killing Palestinians trying to get aid in Gaza.

Including the Flour Massacre on Feb. 29, Israeli forces have now killed at least 400 Palestinians trying to get aid.

After declaring war on Hamas on Oct. 7, Israel has imposed a “total seige” of Gaza, blocking food, fuel and water from entering.

This has pushed Gaza’s population to the brink of famine, with at least 23 children dying from starvation.

Israel then went on to kill more Palestinians waiting for aid on March 3, March 5, March 7 and on March 12.

And on March 13, Israel confirmed it attacked a food distribution center, killing at least five people, including a UN worker.

That’s the 165th UN worker to have been killed by Israel in Gaza since Oct. 7. Israel then killed more Palestinians waiting for aid on March 14.

And on March 15, an Israeli airstrike killed six people and wounded at least 83 at an aid distribution center in central Gaza.

On the same day, Israeli helicopters and artillery also opened fire on hundreds of Palestinians waiting for aid in Gaza City, killing at least 20 people and injuring over 155.

Palestinian authorities said on March 14 Israel has targeted people trying to receive aid for at least 20 consecutive days now.

What’s Been Happening In Gaza

In The Israeli-Occupied West Bank

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