🌏 War Erupts Between Israel And Palestinian Militant Group Hamas, Sweden's "Ugliest Lawn" Contest And More

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War has erupted between Israel and the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

We explain what’s going on.

More On The Israel-Hamas War

The Swedish Island of Gotland has held its second annual “ugliest lawn” contest to conserve limited water resources.

To win the contest, people compete for the “ugliest” lawn, which means the brownest, driest lawn.

Residents are encouraged to avoid watering their lawns for an entire season and then share photos of their dry lawns on social media to win.

The idea of the contest came after the country implemented an irrigation ban in 2022 to help conserve water during summer.

It is aimed at making people aware of the water shortage on the island and changing the norms of having green, well-kept lawns.

Gotland, which is Sweden’s biggest island, frequently experiences drought and water scarcity.

The competition helped reduce household water consumption by 5% last year, according to the Gotland’s official website.

“It was the easiest competition to win, I didn’t have to do anything,” Stina Östman, this year’s winner, said, according to the Guardian.

“It’s always nice to win, even if you are the worst,” she added.

The contest is now open to all people from around the world to post their “ugliest” lawns with the hashtag #worldsugliestlawn.

More Good News For Your Week

🇨🇦 Canada’s lawmakers have elected the country’s first black parliament speaker.

🇯🇵 Japanese rugby players bowed to their fans to show their respect after they lost at the World Cup.

🇩🇰 These three good dogs performed a symphony with an orchestra in Denmark and they were pawfect.

🇻🇳 Hanoi held a week-long pride to campaign for legalizing same-sex marriage.

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