Israel’s Representative Shredded The UN Charter Because The UN Voted To Reconsider Palestine’s Membership

"You are shredding the UN Charter with your own hands."

Israel’s Representative Shredded The UN Charter Because The UN Voted To Reconsider Palestine’s Membership

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, shredded the UN charter using a tiny shredder over the UN General Assembly voting in favor of a resolution granting Palestine new rights and supporting it joining as a full member of the UN.

On Friday, May 10, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that grants new “rights and privileges” to Palestine and recommends the UN Security Council  admit Palestine as a member state.

The resolution was adopted after the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution for Palestine’s UN membership a month earlier in April.

The resolution – which was adopted with 143 votes in favor, 9 votes against, including from the US and Israel, and 25 abstentions – does not give Palestine full UN membership but recognizes it as qualified to join.

Speaking before the vote, Erdan condemned the UN General Assembly for the resolution.

“Despite your obligation to the UN Charter, you are here today to expose what the charter truly means to you. When it comes to the lives of Israelis and Jews, the UN Charter means nothing to you, nada, kaput,” he said.

“You are shredding the UN Charter with your own hands,” Erdan said as he put a copy of the UN charter through the miniature paper shredder. “Shame on you.”

The UN Charter is the founding document of the United Nations and identifies the rights and obligations of member states and establishes the UN principal organs and procedures.

“This day will go down in infamy. I want the entire world to remember this moment, this immoral act… Today I want to hold up a mirror for you, so you can see what exactly you are inflicting upon the UN Charter with this destructive vote,” Erdan said.

The UN criticized Erdan’s act, calling it a theatrical action and urging all members to respect the UN Charter.

Israel’s ongoing assault in Gaza has killed more than 34,000 Palestinians and injured more than 78,000, mostly women and children since Oct. 7. 

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