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The Israeli army has shared video of it rounding up dozens of stripped Palestinian men, children and elderly in a stadium in Gaza.

A video, which was edited to upbeat techno music, surfaced on Monday Dec. 25 showing several shots of Israeli soldiers ordering dozens of Palestinian men, who were stripped to their underwear and had their hands tied behind their back, around Yarmouk Stadium in Gaza.

The video, which  Quds News reported was filmed an Israeli photojournalist,, showed Israeli tanks and soldiers pointing their guns at the men, who are seen walking into the field in a line with their hands up in the air.

In one of the shots, a young boy can be seen among the half-naked men. In another shot, an elderly man is also visible.

The video ends with an Israeli soldier carrying a baby in a blanket.

Rights group Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said on Dec. 20 that it had documented several cases of the Israeli army conducting field executions in the Gaza Strip.

This is not the first time Israeli forces have shared videos of themselves rounding up and stripping Palestinian civilian men.

Earlier in December, a video also went viral showing Israeli soldiers rounding up dozens of stripped civilian men – which witnesses said included children as young as 13, journalists and UN workers – from two UN-run schools in northern Gaza, before abducting them.

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A pro-peace woman journalist has been blocked from running against Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Yekaterina Duntsova, a 40-year-old TV journalist turned politician, had tried to run on a campaign of ending the war in Ukraine and freeing political prisoners.

She also wanted to initiate democratic reforms and support minorities such as LGBTQ people, whose rights have been coming under attack under Putin’s rule.

Duntsova registered to run on Wednesday Dec. 20 but the Russian Electoral Commission rejected her application three days later, saying she had 100 mistakes on her form.

Duntsova said she will appeal the decision at the Supreme Court.

With prominent opposition leaders such as Alexei Navalny serving long prison sentences, Putin is expected to win a fifth term in the election in March.

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