A Giant Metal Ball Has Appeared On A Beach In Japan And No One Knows Where It Came From

After extensive examinations, including with a bomb squad, police are still unable to figure out what the sphere is and where it came from.

A Giant Metal Ball Has Appeared On A Beach In Japan And No One Knows Where It Came From

A mysterious giant metal sphere has washed up on a beach in Japan, perplexing locals and authorities, who still don’t know what it is.

A woman who was out walking had spotted the ball, which is about 1.5 meters in diameter, on Enshu beach in Hamamatsu earlier in the week and alerted authorities.

Police, as well as a bomb squad, were dispatched to examine it and cordoned off the area.

However, after extensive examinations, they were still unable to figure out what it is or where it came from, except that it posed no immediate threat.

People in Japan have become fascinated with the ball, with some calling it a “Godzilla egg” or speculating it came from outer space.

There were also theories that it could be a Chinese spy balloon, as its appearance comes right after Japan said it “strongly suspected there had been several Chinese spy balloons flying over its territory in recent years, according to the Guardian.

However, most think that it is probably a mooring buoy, as the sphere has two raised handles on its surface, which would have allowed it to be hooked onto something else.

Photos of the sphere have been sent to the Japanese self-defences forces and coast guard, according to the Guardian.

The ball was later removed on Friday Feb. 25 by heavy lifting machinery.

Hamamatsu officials said they will store the sphere “for a certain period of time” before disposing it.

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