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Videos of Japanese people pranking sushi conveyor stores by licking communal soy sauce bottles, putting wasabi on other people’s orders and performing other unpleasant and unhygienic acts have sparked outrage on social media.

The pranksters targeted famous Japanese sushi chain stores —Hamazushi, Akindo Sushiro and Kura Sushi— and posted their pranks on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter throughout January 2023.

Several videos showed people laughing as they returned or stole sushi from the conveyor belt.

One of the most criticized videos shows a young man drinking from a public soy sauce bottle, licking a cup and using his finger to touch the sushi passing by on the conveyor belt.

Meanwhile, another video shows a man putting wasabi on a sushi order that is not his.

Customers have now expressed concern about eating at conveyor belt sushi restaurants because someone else’s saliva could be on their food.

Some of the perpetrators have since come forth and apologized for their actions, but other have not been identified, according to Japanese media.

The sushi stores say they are working with the police officers to take legal action.

“We hope that such actions that cause discomfort to our customers can be avoided and can be prevented through the media. Our store staff cannot monitor all customers, but if there is such behavior, we will encourage them to be cautious,” Hamazushi said in a statement.

Also Happening Around The World

🇨🇳🇺🇸 A giant Chinese spy balloon has been shot down by US military forces after hovering over the US for a week.

🇵🇰 At least 101 people are dead and more than 225 others injured in Pakistan after a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in Peshawar on Monday Jan. 30.

🇮🇷 An Iranian influencer couple who posted a video of them dancing together in public on Instagram has been sentenced a total of 10 years in prison for “promoting indecency, threatening national security and creating propaganda against the regime.”

🇳🇿 Videos of New Zealanders trying to go about their normal lives in flooded gyms, supermarkets, buses and Auckland Airport are going viral after the country’s biggest city was hit by its worst flood in modern history.

Meet Karmila Purba, also known as the “Princess of the Wall of Death”, a daredevil driver who defies stereotypes while performing at carnivals across West Java, Indonesia.

The 23-year-old rider defies gravity and fearlessly rides the famous “Wall of Death” attraction, a six-meter-high-wall.

Purba was a street performer in Sumatra before becoming a daredevil driver to earn more money.

omen daredevil drivers are extremely rare and Purba said she faced a lot of criticism for pursuing the job.

“People were saying to me, ‘You are a woman, why do you do something like that? It’s not for females’,” she told AFP news.

She began learning how to ride the “Wall of Death” in the hopes of doing something different.

“One time, I asked my rider teacher and asked whether he would give me some magical skills. He laughed and said the only thing you need to become a “Wall of Death” rider is nerve or guts, there is no magic,” she said.

She is now praised for her bravery and is one of the main attraction at carnivals.

The Finnish parliament has approved a new law making it easier for people to legally change their gender.

The new law will allow people over 18 to choose their legal gender on official documents without undergoing invasive medical and psychological procedures.

Individuals can now use a declaration to change their gender on official documents.

The new law includes a 30-day “reflection period” in which people can change their minds.

Previously, people in Finland could only change gender after they demonstrated infertility or sterilization.

The previous requirements were criticized by LGBTQ rights organizations as being designed to prevent trans people from having kids.

The law passed on Wednesday Feb. 1 by 113 to 69 votes and has been a priority for the country, according to Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin.

Human rights organizations have praised the law, but said they hope that it will also allow children to choose their gender.

“By passing this act, Finland has taken a major step towards protecting trans people’s rights and improving their lives and right to self-determination,” Amnesty’s International Finland’s LGBTQ advisor said.

More Good News For Your Weekend

🇳🇿 Campbell Johnstone, a New Zealand former national rugby player, has come out as the first openly LGBTQ player for the All Blacks, the country’s national team.

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