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Two bombing attacks rocked Kabul’s airport, leaving more than 170 people dead, including 13 Americans, and dozens more injured on Thursday Aug. 26.

  • Officials said the initial blast, a suicide bombing, struck the airport’s Abbey Gate, followed by an assault by gunmen. Another bomb then went off at a hotel outside the airport, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • Most of the victims were civilians who had been seeking to flee the country following the Taliban’s takeover.
  • The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), an Afghan offshoot of ISIS, has taken responsibility for the attack. ISIS-K is an enemy of the Taliban and has denounced the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, saying that its interpretation of Islamic rule was “insufficiently hard line,” the New York Times reported.
  • Both the US and the Taliban have condemned the attack. At least 28 Taliban members had been killed in the bombings, Reuters reported.

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In Kano, Nigeria, teenage girls are learning robotics, computing and other STEM subjects as part of a project named Kabara, an initiative created by woman engineer Hadiza Garbati.

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India is banning single-use plastics by July 2022.

  • The country produces over 25,000 tons of plastic waste every day, according to the country’s Central Pollution Control Board.
  • Under the ban, which covers items such as single-use plastic cups, trays, straws and trays, selling, producing and using single use plastics will be prohibited.
  • Starting September 30, the thickness of plastic bags will also be increased in order to encourage reuse.

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