More Than 11,300 People Dead In Libya's Worst Flooding, Outrage After Spanish Woman Reporter Groped And More

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Catastrophic flooding has ravaged Libya and killed at least 11,300 people following torrential downpour caused by Storm Daniel, which struck the country’s East coast on Sunday, Sep. 10.

The staggering death toll, which is expected to rise as search and rescue operations continue, resulted from the collapse of two dams and four bridges, according to the BBC.

Most victims either died from drowning or collapsed structures as ruthless currents engulfed neighborhoods in whole and swept residents into the Mediterranean Sea.

Meanwhile, an estimated 10,000 Libyans are currently missing, according to The International Red Cross.

“Libya was not prepared for a catastrophe like that. It has not witnessed that level of catastrophe before,” the head of Libya’s Emergency and Ambulance Authority told local media.

The city of Derna accounted for the highest number of casualties, while Benghazi, the nation’s second-largest city, has also been affected.

“I returned from Derna. It is very disastrous. Bodies are lying everywhere — in the sea, in the valleys, under the buildings,” a member of the administration’s emergency committee told Reuters. “I am not exaggerating when I say that 25% of the city has disappeared. Many, many buildings have collapsed.”

Analysts say that political division, fragile infrastructure, economic turbulence and environmental degradation have exacerbated the crisis and complicated salvage efforts.

Also Happening Around The World

🇲🇦 More than 2,000 people have been killed and another more than 2,000 people have been injured after a powerful earthquake struck Morocco.

Following the earthquake, Morocco’s national soccer team shared on Twitter that their players had donated blood in “solidarity with the earthquake victims”.

🇪🇸 Spain’s football president has finally resigned after he forcibly kissed a woman player on the lips

🇲🇽 This UFO researcher presented “evidence” of aliens to Mexico’s congress but people aren’t convinced.

🇵🇹 A village in Portugal was flooded by a river of wine after a distillery’s tanks burst.

An incident where a Spanish journalist was groped by a man while she was reporting live on TV has prompted outrage in the country against gender violence.

Isa Balado was reporting on a store robbery in the capital, Madrid, for the Spanish news program ‘En boca de todos’, on Tuesday, Sep. 12, when a man approached her from behind and grabbed her butt.

“What channel are you from?” the man, wearing black sunglasses and a jacket, said.

Balado tried to remain professional and pushed the man away.

However, the TV station’s news anchor, Nacho Abad, then interrupted Balado and asked, “Sorry Isa for interrupting… But did he just touch your butt?”

“Yes,” Balado confirmed with an apparent uncomfortable expression.

Abad then demanded the cameraman and Balado to put the “stupid guy” back on.

Balado then confronts the man, saying, “As much as you want to ask what channel we are from, do you really have to touch my butt? I’m doing a live report and I’m working.”

“I haven’t touched your butt,” the man denied.

Balado then asked the man to leave, but as he walks away, he rubs her hair.

The police have since detained the man, according to a post published on their social media.

Hundreds of people have expressed their support for Balado and condemned the man’s conduct on social media.

YouTuber Max Fosh was issued a yellow card during a charity soccer match, but his response was truly unconventional.

The soccer match was played between Sidemen FC and YouTube All-Stars— two soccer teams made up of YouTubers for charity purposes— on Saturday Sep. 9 at London Stadium in the UK.

In a viral video, long-serving Premier League and FIFA referee Mark Clattenburg is seen issuing a yellow card to Max Fosh, who was playing for YouTube All-Stars, after he pulled move against Sidemen’s Simon Minter, known as Miniminter.

But Fosh counterattacked, pulling out a green reverse card from the card game UNO.

According to commentators, the card was effective, and the yellow card was removed.

However, Fosh’s genius move was not enough to win the game, which ended in a 8-5 in victory for Sidemen FC.

The Sidemen charity had over 2.7 million concurrent views, according to popular YouTube creator, Mr Beast, and raised over £2.4 million (US$2.99 million) for four UK charities focused on children’s cancer, mental health and education.

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🇪🇨 In a historic referendum, people in Ecuador have voted to protect one of the Amazon’s most biodiverse areas by halting oil drilling in the area.

🇵🇭 This Filipino church held a mass same-sex wedding for 29 couples and it’s absolutely beautiful.

🇳🇿This underwear brand featured diverse models for New Zealand fashion week to celebrate body positivity.

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