Miss Universe Indonesia Has Been Canceled After Several Contestants Said They Were Sexually Harassed

At least 6 contestants have filed complaints of being sexually harassed during the Miss Universe Indonesia competition.

Miss Universe Indonesia Has Been Canceled After Several Contestants Said They Were Sexually Harassed

Miss Universe has canceled its pageant in Indonesia after several contestants have said they were sexually harassed during the competition.

Several Miss Indonesia contestants pose for a group photo.

At least six contestants, several finalists for the Miss Universe Indonesia in Jakarta, have filed complaints of sexual harassment with the police.

Contestants said they were asked were asked to strip down to their underwear for “a body check for scars and cellulite” in front of a room of 20 people, including men, according to their statements.

Miss Indonesia contestants dress in red gowns.

Five contestants said they were also photographed topless.

One of the women told local news she was asked to pose inappropriately with her legs wide open.

Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 winner Fabiënne Nicole Groeneveld waves at the crowd

“I felt like I was being peeked on, I was very confused and uncomfortable,” the woman said, according to Reuters.

Since the allegations, Miss Universe organizers have terminated franchise rights from the Indonesian beauty company PT Capella Swastika Karya, which runs and sponsors the competition in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Miss Universe Indonesia contestants pose for a picture. In the center is Poppy, director of PT Capella.

“In light of what we have learned took place at Miss Universe Indonesia, it has become clear that this franchise has not lived up to our brand standards, ethics, or expectations,” the Miss Universe organizers said in a statement.

The director of PT Capella Swastika Karya, Poppy Capella, has condemn the incident and denied any involvement in the sexual harassment.

“I have obtained evidence and information that this was deliberately done by certain parties who intend to take my Miss Universe Indonesia license,” she said in the statement published on Miss Indonesia’s Instagram.

The Miss Universe Malaysia event, which is also ran by PT Capella Swastika Karya, has also been canceled.

Five Miss Universe Indonesia contestants   pose for a picture.

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