This Slovakian Woman Race Walker’s Boyfriend Proposed To Her At The Finish Line And It’s So Sweet

After quickly stopping her watch, Hana Burzalová ran into Dominic Černý’s arms and said yes.

This Slovakian Woman Race Walker’s Boyfriend Proposed To Her At The Finish Line And It’s So Sweet

Slovakian woman race walker Hana Burzalová’s race walker boyfriend Dominik Černý proposed to her as she ran past the finish line at the World Athletic Championships.

22-year-old Burzalová and 25-year-old Černý were both competing in Budapest, Hungary, in the women’s and men’s races, which were being held simultaneously on Thursday Aug. 31 in Budapest, Hungary.

After finishing his own race, Černý stood at the finish line of women’s race walk, when Burzalová was about to finish her 35 kilometer race.

He knelt down on one knee with a ring in his hands, while Burzalová races straight towards him, smiling in astonishment.

After quickly stopping her watch, Burzalová ran into Černý’s arms and said yes.

Černý punched the air with joy, placed the ring on Burzalová’s finger, then the two shared a kiss in front of the camera and crowd.

race walker Dominik Černý proposed

Černý told reporters that they have been together for almost one Olympic cycle, so he thought it was the right time.

“There are no plans yet for the wedding, maybe we will decide only two days in advance,” he explained. “We like to do random things. At the Paris Olympics maybe we will start as the Cerny family – maybe in the new event, the race walk relay.”

Hana Burzalová Dominik Černý kiss

“Thank you BUDAPEST. You will have a special place in my heart from now on,” Burzalová wrote on Instagram.

The couple celebrated both their career and relationship, with Burzalová finishing in 28th place in a season’s best time of 3:02:47 and Černý clocking a personal best of 2:32:56 as he finished 19th in the men’s race.

Slovakian racewalker proposal Hana Burzalová Dominik Černý

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