Soccer Fans Filled Hungary’s Euro 2020 Match Stadium With Rainbow Flags To Protest Its Anti-LGBT Ban

After the UEFA rejected a request by Munich to illuminate its stadium in rainbow colors, soccer fans filled the stadium with rainbow flags during the match between Germany and Hungary to protest Hungary’s new anti-LGBT law.

Soccer Fans Filled Hungary’s Euro 2020 Match Stadium With Rainbow Flags To Protest Its Anti-LGBT Ban

A man invaded the pitch and waved a rainbow flag during a Euro 2020 soccer match between Hungary and Germany in Munich on Wednesday Jun. 23 to protest a new anti-LGBT law in Hungary.

The incident came a day after UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations which organizes the championship, rejected a request by Munich city to light up its Allianz Arena in rainbow colors.

The council had requested the move to protest a new law in Hungary that bans LGBT content for children. But the UEFA declined the request, saying the move’s political nature violated its rules.

“Given the political context of this specific request — a message aiming at a decision taken by the Hungarian national Parliament — UEFA must decline this request,” the organization said in a statement.

Fans then decided to continue the protest, filling the stadium with rainbow flags during the match, cheering and applauding the fan who ran onto the field during the Hungarian national anthem. He was subdued and took off the field immediately by security.

Rainbow flags outnumbered German flags in the game.

Manuel Neuer, a player for Germany’s team, also wore a rainbow armband to show his support.

Munich’s mayor, Dieter Reiter, had led the city in protesting against the UEFA’s decision.

“It is important for the state capital Munich to set a visible sign of solidarity with the LGBTI community in Hungary, which is suffering from the current stricter homophobic and transphobic legislation of the Hungarian government,” the Munich council said in its application.

“We in Munich certainly won’t let ourselves be discouraged from sending a clear signal to Hungary and the world,” Reiter said after describing UEFA’s decision as “shameful” and “very disappointing,” according to AP.

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