In A Rare Move In Japan, This Pop Star Has Publicly Come Out As Gay

Shinjiro Atae said he decided to come out because he wanted people to know they are not alone.

In A Rare Move In Japan, This Pop Star Has Publicly Come Out As Gay

In a rare move in Japan, J-pop star Shinjiro Atae has publicly come out as gay in the conservative country.

33-year-old Atae is best known as a member of the J-pop group AAA before he became a solo artist.

Speaking at a fan event in Tokyo on Wednesday July 26, Atae gave an emotional speech revealing that he is gay.

He said that he had long struggled to accept that part of himself as he was afraid of being shunned from society or losing his career.

“I thought if I was found out, it would end my career, and so I couldn’t tell anyone,” he told the New York Times.

But Atae said he decided to come out because he didn’t want people to struggle like him.

“I am gay,” he said. “I wanted people in the same situation as me to have an opportunity to have courage.”

I wanted them to know they are not alone,” he added.

This makes Atae one of the biggest pop stars to publicly come out in the conservative country.

His announcement was met with applause and support from fans.

Following his announcement, he released his latest single, “Into The Light“, in which he sings about self-acceptance.

Part of the proceeds from the single will be donated to LGBTQ groups including Pride House Tokyo, Japan’s first permanent LGBTQ center, according to CNN.

Japan is the only G7 country that still doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.

Earlier this month, Japan passed a law to “promote understanding” and stop “unjust discrimination” against LGBTQ people.

But the law stops short of providing legal protections for LGBTQ people.

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