Why Women’s Soccer Is Just As Good As Men’s

It’s time to give credit where credit is due.

Why Women’s Soccer Is Just As Good As Men’s

Women’s soccer has come a long way, with this year’s Women’s World Cup pulling in record  viewers and record crowds.

Stadium fans reached almost two million, a roughly 46% increase in attendance than the previous record from 2015.

The England vs. Spain final was estimated to have reached almost two billion viewers globally, according to FIFA chief women’s football officer Sarai Brennan.

Despite recents gains in growth and popularity, women’s soccer is still notoriously overshadowed by men’s soccer, marred by significantly lower levels of funding and visibility.

In fact there are still many soccer fans who consider women’s soccer as “not on the same level” or “less exciting to watch” compared to men’s games.

However if we take a look at the numbers, it’s clear that women’s achievements in soccer are just as great as men’s.

Many World Cup feats and records set by men have actually already been achieved or surpassed by one or more women players.

So let’s dive in and give credit where credit is due.

FACT: Cristiano Ronaldo is often hailed as the highest goalscorer in international football with a current tally of 123 goals.

REALITY: The record is actually held by Canadian woman soccer player Christine Sinclair with 190 goals.

Soccer statistics for highest goalscorer in international football featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Christine Sinclair.

FACT: Germany’s Miroslav Klose has scored the most World Cup goals with 16 goals.

REALITY: Brazilian forward Marta Vieira da Silva actually leads with 17 goals.

Soccer statistics for most World Cup goals featuring Miroslav Klose and Marta Viera Da Silva.

FACT: Cristiano Ronaldo was the first player to score at five World Cups after the 2022 tournament.

REALITY: Marta already achieved this feat in 2019, with Christine Sinclair following just seven days later.

Soccer statistics first players to score five World Cups include Marta, Christine Sinclair, Ronaldo.

FACT: Argentina’s Lionel Messi has played the most World Cups matches at 26 games.

REALITY: The US’ Kristine Lilly has more – with 30 games.

Soccer statistics of most World Cup matches include Lionel Messi and Kristine Lilly.

FACT: Messi and Germany’s Lothar Matthäus are tied at five with the most World Cup appearances.

REALITY: Brazil’s Formiga has played in seven.

Soccer statistics for most World Cup appearances include Messi, Lothar Matthaus, and Formiga.

FACT: Brazilian legend Pelé was the youngest person to play in a World Cup Final at 17 years and 249 day.

REALITY: German player Birgit Prinz is the youngest, making her appearance at 17 years and 236 days old.

Soccer statistics of youngest player in a World Cup final include Pelé and Birgit Prinz

FACT: FIFA declared that “Messi has played the most minutes in World Cup history – 2,314”.

REALITY: Lilly has recorded 2,536 minutes

Soccer statistics of most World Cup minutes played include Messi and Kristine Lilly

FACT: FIFA said that “Messi is the only player to score in the World Cup in his teens, 20s and 30s” as of 2022.

REALITY: Both US star Mia Hamm and Marta already achieved this feat in 2003 and 2019, respectively.

Soccer statistics World Cup scores Mess, Mia Hamm, Marta.

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