This YouTuber Got A Yellow Card At A Soccer Game So He Pulled Our A UNO Reverse Card And People Lost It

“Can’t believe Premier League players never tried this.”

This YouTuber Got A Yellow Card At A Soccer Game So He Pulled Our A UNO Reverse Card And People Lost It

YouTuber Max Fosh was issued a yellow card during a charity soccer match, but his response was truly unconventional.

The soccer match was played between Sidemen FC and YouTube All-Stars— two soccer teams made up of YouTubers for charity purposes— on Saturday Sep. 9 at London Stadium in the UK.

During the game, long-serving Premier League and FIFA referee Mark Clattenburg was caught off guard by Fosh’s antics in the 78th minute.

In a viral video, Clattenburg is seen issuing a yellow card to Max Fosh, who was playing for YouTube All-Stars, after he pulled move against Sidemen’s Simon Minter, known as Miniminter.

But Fosh counterattacked, pulling out a green reverse card from the card game UNO.

max fosh uno reverse soccer football yellow card

Clattenburg looked surprised, most likely because it was the first time in his career to see such a move from a player.

According to commentators, the card was effective, and the yellow card was removed.

Fans couldn’t get enough of Fosh’s classic UNO move on social media and asked why no Premier League player had tried it.

It’s unclear if Fosh carries the card with him all the time, waiting for the opportune moment,, but fans said that they would start carrying one around as well.

However, Fosh’s genius move was not enough to win the game, which ended in a 8-5 in victory for Sidemen FC.

The Sidemen charity had over 2.7 million concurrent views, according to popular YouTube creator, Mr Beast, and raised over £2.4 million (US$2.99 million).

The game will donate the money to four UK charities focused on children’s cancer, mental health and education.

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