More Than 100 Men At A Male Dorm In Spain Held A “Mass Catcall” At A Women’s Dorm And It’s Horrifying

A video of at least 100 students from the all-men college Elías Ahuja has gone viral after they organized a mass cat-call towards the residents of an all-woman college on Friday October 2.

More Than 100 Men At A Male Dorm In Spain Held A “Mass Catcall” At A Women’s Dorm And It’s Horrifying

A video of more than 100 students at an all-male residence hall doing a “mass cat-call” towards women students at a nearby hall, sparking condemnation and conversations about the importance of consent.

In the video from Friday Oct. 2, the men at the Elías Ahuja hall of residence in Madrid can be seen turning on the lights and opening their window shutters in unison to shout obscenities towards the nearby women’s Santa Mónica hall.

“Whores!” one man starts, “Come out of your holes like rabbits. You are fucking nymphomaniacs. I’m sure all of you are going to fuck during the capea. Come on Ahuja.”

A “capea” is a party organized around bullfighting that usually involves heavy alcohol consumption, Reuters reported.

The rest of the men then follow with roars, howls and whistles.

According to Spanish news outlets, the event is a ritual that happens annually at the beginning of the school year.

The video, which was tweeted by politician Rita Maestre, has led to widespread condemnation.

“Then they will wonder why we are afraid of the street,” Maestre tweeted.

Spain’s equality minister, Irene Montero, said the video was “the clearest proof” that there needed to be education about consent.

“We cannot tolerate such behavior that generates hatred and attacks women,” Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted. “Enough of machismo!”

This isn’t the first time the dorm has been embroiled in controversy. A video shared by a Spanish reporter showed students doing the Nazi salute and chant from a previous year.

The dorm directors said several of the male students involved had been expelled, according to The Local Spain.

Authorities at Complutense University of Madrid, which both dorms are affiliated with, said it had also opened its own investigation.

Spanish prosecutors launched an investigation into the incident on Oct. 7 as a possible hate crime.

In Spain, street harassment that leads to humiliation, hostility or intimidation of a person can be punished after the country passed the “Only Yes Means Yes” law in August that clearly define sex without consent as rape.

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