This Taiwanese Guy Did A Traditional Ritual To Ward Off Evil Spirits On Some Dogs And They Totally Loved It

The temple also performed rituals on cats, rabbits, parrots and turtles.

This Taiwanese Guy Did A Traditional Ritual To Ward Off Evil Spirits On Some Dogs And They Totally Loved It

A Taiwanese Taoist master has captured the hearts of many after sharing a video of him handling a special request at work — warding off evil spirits on a baby corgi.

In the video shot at a temple in Taoyuan, the master, Hsiao Ming, can be seen holding the dog in one hand and a handful of incense in the other while performing the ritual of siu-kiann.

Siu-kiann – which means dispelling shock in Taiwanese Hokkien – is a Taoist treatment that is usually performed on humans who have gone through a scare or trauma or children who behave poorly for no apparent reason.

The rite is believed to help dispel shock and fright and usually involves a master chanting, tapping and waving incense to help the person release any negative energy they may have accumulated.

The owner of the corgi said he had trained his dog to “meditate” and sensed a request from the pet to ask for help from the divine spirits, Taiwanese local outlet CTS reported.

After a visit to the veterinarian and the siu-kiann, the corgi’s owner said the dog is feeling much better and regained its appetite.

“I started training for Taoist rituals about two years ago,” Hsiao Ming, who also works as a mechanic, told Almost. “I vowed that if the Gods granted my wishes at the time, I would dedicate my life to practicing rituals on behalf of them.”

“At our temple, we believe that all lives are equal, so any creature with spirituality is welcome here,” Chiu Chiu, another woman master at the temple, told Almost.

She said the temple has also performed the ritual on cats, rabbits, parrots and turtles.

“We just hope that people can respect Taiwanese traditions and customs,” she said, adding that the masters are trying to demystify the culture by sharing content about their daily lives.

The masters said they don’t have a fixed charge for siu-kiann but instead encourage visitors to donate as they are currently fundraising to build a temple.

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