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People around the world have been left outraged after Black Brazilian soccer player Vinícius Júnior was repeatedly racially abused during a game in Spain.

22-year-old Vinicius Jr, who plays for Real Madrid, was racially abused by Valencia fans during the match at Mestalla Stadium in Valencia on Sunday May 22.

At around the 68 minute mark of the game, Vinicius Jr, who had the ball, was knocked over by a second ball on the pitch, which appeared to have been deliberately kicked towards him by Valencia player Eray Comert.

Right after the referee gave Comert a yellow card, Vinicius Jr suddenly starts calling the referee over and pointing to Valencia supporters in the stands.

Visibly upset, Vinicius Jr walks up and confronts the fans, who are shown shouting and pulling the middle finger at him in another video of the incident.

The referee’s official report from the game said that a fan had shouted “monkey, monkey” at Vinicius, according to CNN.

Later on in the match, a mass altercation breaks out between the players on both teams, and Valencia’s Hugo Duro is seen placing Vinicius in a chokehold.

Vinicius eventually breaks free and pushes Duro off him, hitting Duro’s face with his arm as he does so.

However, Vinicius is sent off with a red card.

Vinicius Jr has been repeatedly subject to racist abuse by fans since the season began in August.

In January, Atletico Madrid fans hung an effigy of him from a bridge in Madrid.

Following the match on Sunday, Vinicius took to social media to condemn La Liga for normalizing racism.

“It wasn’t the first time, nor the second, nor the third. Racism is normal in La Liga,” Vinicius tweeted after the game. “The competition thinks it’s normal, the Federation does too and the opponents encourage it… The championship that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi today belongs to racists.”

Police said they have since arrested seven fans, four for allegedly hanging the effigy in January and three others for the racial insults during the Valencia match on Sunday, according to CNN.

Also Happening Around The World

🇨🇳 Comedian Uncle Roger has been banned on Chinese social media after he joked about Chinese president Xi Jinping and surveillance during his stand-up show.

🇻🇳 In another crackdown on freedom of expression, Vietnam jailed the noodle seller known as “Green Onion Bae” for 5.5 years for parodying Salt Bae.

Meanwhile, Belarus says it has pardoned Roman Protasevich, the prominent opposition journalist it arrested through “hijacking” his flight after sentencing him to eight years in prison.

🇰🇷 A man opened a South Korean flight’s emergency exit mid-flight, and the video looks unreal.

🇮🇹 The water in part of Venice’s canals turned fluorescent green and no one knows why.

🇨🇳 Back in China, a TikTok influencer died after he drank too much on a livestream, sparking a conversation about the price of chasing fame.

Top women wrestlers in India have been camping on the streets of New Delhi since April 22 to demand an investigation into the president of the Wrestling Federation of India for sexual harassment.

The women wrestlers, including Olympic medalists, say Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh sexually harassed seven women wrestlers over more than 10 years.

Singh, who is also a member of parliament for the ruling Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), has denied the allegations.

Sakshi Malik, the first Indian woman to win a medal for wrestling at the Olympics, said she and other women wrestlers had tried to file a police complaint against Singh in 2012 but the case “disappeared within 24 hours”.

In January, the group of women went public and began a protest in the capital. The women said the sports ministry then told them it would organize an investigation committee, but they were not informed of any progress for months.

In April, the women decided to relaunch their protest, forgoing their rigorous training regimes with just a few months to go until the World Championships and the Asian Games.

Alongside their supporters, the wrestlers have been sleeping on mattresses and under mosquito nets, withstanding extreme weather conditions and alleged use of force by police.

The wrestlers say they will not move until Singh is arrested.

More Women You Should Know About

🇸🇦 Rayyanah Barnawi, a Saudi biomedical scientist, has made history as the first Arab woman astronaut to go to space.

🇨🇱 Chile has passed a law that protects the children of women who were murdered because of their gender.

🇹🇼 Sho-er, the grandma from the iconic Taiwanese couple who dressed up in clothing left at their laundry shop, has died.

A young Japanese woman has astounded many people online by playing two recorders at the same time – through her nostrils.

22-year-old Haruka Nigo has been sharing her performances on her social media accounts @haruka_2go_, where she plays duets using a soprano recorder in one nostril and an alto recorder in the other nostril.

Nigo, who lives in Shima city in Japan’s Mie Prefecture, told Almost that she came up with the idea when she noticed in high school that “there are two holes above my mouth and thought my nostrils might exist for the purpose of playing duets.”

Nigo said she then decided to give it a try and discovered that it was entirely possible.

She has been playing this way for four years since, she said.

In one video, she even plays two recorders through her nostrils while also accompanying herself on the keyboard using her feet.

When asked what the hardest part for her was, Nigo said “hay fever and pollen allergy are my number one enemies.”

She said for those who were hoping to learn how to play like she does, the most important thing is to “throw away your shame.”

Nigo said she was surprised that her posts have gone viral but added that she was happy to receive such a big response from not just Japan, but overseas.

More Good News You Should Know About

🇹🇷 A Turkish guy filmed a sofa flying through the sky during a storm and then it landed in his garden.

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