The Hero Rescue Dog That Helped Find The Lost Colombian Children In The Jungle Is Still Missing

Wilson had been part of the rescue team sent to find the children and had accompanied them in the jungle for a few days before he got lost.

The Hero Rescue Dog That Helped Find The Lost Colombian Children In The Jungle Is Still Missing

This hero rescue dog that helped to find the lost Colombian children in the jungle is still missing, and people are desperately looking for him.

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Wilson, a Belgian shepherd, was part of the rescue party sent to search for 4 Indigenous Colombian kids whose plane crashed in the jungle on May 1st.

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The children, who were found alive after 40 days on June 9th, said 6-year-old Wilson had accompanied them for some time in the Amazonian rainforest before he departed again, possibly to get back to his handler.

Wilson’s tracks had helped the search team to locate the children on June 9th.

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The children were found weakened, injured and ill, but had managed to live thanks to their survival skills and the leadership from the oldest among the four, 13-year-old Lesly.

The Colombian army said Wilson had been last seen a day before the children were discovered but “got lost from the troop”.

colombia forest wilson dog missing

Authorities say he may have gotten disoriented and lost due to the thick foliage in the jungle.

wilson dog colombia forest missing

The army has now deployed more than 70 members from the Colombian Special Forces and two female dogs in heat to try and find Wilson in another rescue operation.

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The search team has also set food at strategic spots to keep him fed and his handler’s clothing for the lost dog to pick up the familiar scent, according to The Washington Post.

The search has now been named Operation Hope, or Operación Esperanza in Spanish, And the hashtags #LetsGoforWilson, #OneMissing, and #WilsonNationalHero are trending in Colombia as people eagerly await news of Wilson’s whereabouts.

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