This Missing Argentine Woman’s Remains Were Found Burnt And People Are Demanding Justice

Cecilia Strzyzowski’s disappearance and alleged murder has caused public outrage over gender violence and power abuse in Argentina.

This Missing Argentine Woman’s Remains Were Found Burnt And People Are Demanding Justice

The disappearance of a 28-year-old woman, whose remains were later found near the property of her husband’s parent’s home, has caused public outrage over gender violence and power abuse in Argentina.

Cecilia Strzyzowski was last seen by her family on June 1 when she was picked up by her 19-year-old husband, César Sena.

She had made plans to travel with Sena to Buenos Aires and then Ushuaia in southern Argentina to find work.

Despite telling family members that she was looking forward to the trip and having researched for restaurants in Buenos Aires, there is no record of her leaving her hometown of Chaco.

Cecilia Strzyzowski planned to travel to find work

Her family reported her missing on June 6, and police opened an investigation.

CCTV footage from a neighbor’s home captured Strzyzowski arriving at her in-laws’ home on the morning of June 2.

Cecilia Strzyzowski and her husband Sena

There is no record of her coming out of Emerenciano Sena y Marcela Acuña’s house.

Almost 18 hours later, the Sena family exited the house carrying bags, which authorities now believe contained Strzyzowski’s remains.

Missing Argentine woman, Cecilia Strzyzowski, plays with her dog

On June 27, authorities found burned human remains and clothing items at a river near the property.

They also found that the family had recently burned something on their property, leading investigators to believe they had burned Strzyzowski’s body to prevent a DNA test.

argentine woman

Sena, his parents and at least four others have since been detained and charged in relation to Strzyzowski’s alleged murder.

Authorities are still trying to determine the motive behind the murder.

“We believe there was a conflict between Cecilia and César parents,” a prosecutor told CNN Spanish.

women are killed because of gender in Argentina

Strzyzowski’s family say Sena and his parents, who are prominent political leaders, have used their power to cover up Strzyzowski’s death.

Her disappearance struck a chord in Argentina since it resembled a 1990 case in which political leaders and the police tried to cover up the death, abuse and drugging of a young girl at the hands of their sons.

A woman was killed because of her gender every 35 hours in Argentina in 2022, according to Amnesty International.

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