This Czech Priest Has Apologized For Smashing “Satanic” Halloween Pumpkins Carved By Children Two Days In A Row

Father Jaromir Smejkal said he had smashed the display of Halloween pumpkins “out of his Catholic duty”.

This Czech Priest Has Apologized For Smashing “Satanic” Halloween Pumpkins Carved By Children Two Days In A Row

A Czech priest has apologized to local children after stomping on their Halloween pumpkin decorations near his church.

Father Jaromir Smejkal said he had walked by a display of Halloween pumpkins in a village in Kurdejov on Sunday Oct. 22 and smashed them “out of his Catholic duty”.

 czecpumpkins being smashed halloween satanic apology
via Obec Kurdějov / Facebook

“Leaving the rectory on Sunday evening, I saw numerous symbols of the satanic feast of ‘Halloween’ placed in front of our sacred grounds,” Smejkal said, according to BBC.

“I acted according to my faith and duty to be a father and protector of the children entrusted to me and removed these symbols,” he said.

smash pumpkins halloween satanic apology czech priest
via Obec Kurdějov /Facebook

Residents and children, who had carved the pumpkins as part of the village’s festivities, then replaced the smashed pumpkins with about 20 new ones, but the pumpkins were found stomped again the next day.

Some children were reported crying when they were told that their creations had been ruined a second time.

People were outraged after seeing the photos posted on the village’s Facebook.

“We probably won’t find the vandal in question who ruined the children’s happiness, but we believe that he is reading this post and is disgusted with himself,” one person wrote in a post.

czech priest apology after smashing pumpkins
via Obec Kurdějov / Facebook

Smejkal has since admitted his act and apologized in an open letter posted on Facebook, saying he wouldn’t have done it if he had known they were carved by kids.

He added he didn’t intend to harm anyone, especially children.

“Try to remember that my duty as a figure of authority and a priest is to protect children and families from hidden evil,” he said.

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