People In France Have Rejected The Far-Right And Elected A New Left-Wing Alliance In A Shocking Win

The left-wing New Popular Front (NFP), made of several leftist parties, was only formed 20 days before the election to defeat the far-right.

People In France Have Rejected The Far-Right And Elected A New Left-Wing Alliance In A Shocking Win

In a shocking election, People in France have rejected the far-right and elected a new left-wing alliance that was formed just one month ago.

The left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) was only formed in June after President Emmanuel Macron called snap elections.

The far-right party had been expected to win as it got the majority of votes in the first round of elections.

But to everyone’s surprise, the NFP won the most seats in the parliamentary election on July 7.

The NFP was formed on June 10, just 20 days before the election, to stop the far-right from winning the majority in parliament.

The NFP comprises the France Unbowed (LFI) party, the Socialist party (PS), the French Green party (LE-EELV), and the French Communist party (PCF)

It ran on a campaign of raising the minimum wage, lowering the retirement age and freezing the prices of food, energy and gas 

It also said it will “ensure a dignified welcome” for immigrants, making it easier to get asylum by facilitating access to visas and introducing a ten-year residence permit as standard, which stands in stark contrast to the far-right, which has pledged to cut immigration.

The NFP won with 182 seats, leaving Macron’s centrist Ensemble in second place and the far-right National Rally (RN), in third place.

However, forming a government will be challenging as none of the parties won the majority, and although the NFP won the most votes, it does not have a clear leader.

Following the election result, French prime minister, Gabriel Attal, said he will hand in his resignation on June 8.

However, Macron has asked that he stay in the position "for the time being to ensure the country's stability".

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