8 Palestinian Women Journalists You Should Follow

Here are just eight brave Palestinian women journalists who have and are still risking their lives to document the devastating realities of Israel’s war on Gaza.

8 Palestinian Women Journalists You Should Follow

On International Women’s Day, we honor the brave Palestinian women journalists who have and are still risking their lives to document the devastating realities of Israel’s war on Gaza.

From nine-year-old girls to young mothers, they have continued to report despite the constant challenges of searching for food, shelter and safety not just for themselves, but their families and loved ones, in the dire conditions caused by Israel’s relentless bombardment and blockade.

And yet they persist, in the face of loss and heartbreak, to show the world, through their empathetic interviews and reporting, not just despair, but hope.

Their dedication to sharing the stories of Palestinians with the world and their love for the people and the land has pierced the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Follow them, share their work, demand a ceasefire.

As Bisan Owda said, “My role and the role of the rest of the journalists in Gaza is to document our stories and the stories of our people, and your role is to put an end to this genocide.”

Here are just eight Palestinian women journalists you should follow.

1. Plestia Alaqad (@byplestia)

“I want the world to see us as humans.”

2. Bisan Owda (@wizard_bisan1)

“I live in a world other than the one I claimed to be building! I am a community activist who lived on the fantasy that the world was free and just, and I sought to bring rights not only to my people, but to many men and women in third world countries!”

3. Lama Jamous (@lama_jamous9)

“I wish when the war ends I can turn into a great journalist.”

4. Hind Khoudary (@hindkhoudary)

“I am not a superhero; I am shattered from the inside. But surrender is not an option. I will continue to report, to breathe life into the stories of my people until my last breath.”

5. Noor Harazeen (@noor.harazeen)

“I always saw myself as a strong woman, able to adapt to all circumstances and difficulties, able to work in war with all professionalism required and without getting tired. But this time we all are tired, we are exhausted, we are hungry, thirsty and displaced in this cold winter.”

6. Doaa Albaz (@_doaa_mohammed)

“Every day I went to destroyed houses to cover the sounds, images and stories, but unfortunately while covering the stories, I never expected to find myfamily among the rubble.”

7. Youmna El-Qunsol (@youmna_elsid)

“The only thing that’s really keeping me standing, keeping me going to work every day and standing in front of the camera to speak, is the suffering that I’m seeing. If I let these people down, who is going to speak out for them?”

8. Sumaya Mohamed

I have always wanted to be a journalist before the war. My mom and dad were totally against this because they knew journalists are getting targeted but when they saw that I was determined to be in the field of journalism, they agreed.”

In Tribute To The Palestinian Women Journalists Killed Reporting The Truth

Nermin Qawas

Hanan Ayyad

Alaa Al-Hams

Angam Ahmad Edwan

Heba Al-Abadla

Hanet Kashtan

Dumas Jabbour

Ola Atallah

Shaima El-Gazzar

Amal Zohd

Ayat Khadoura

Alaa Taher Al Hassanat

Duaa Sharaf

Salma Mkhaimer

Salam Mema

Shireen Abu Akleh

and many more.

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