This Irish Politician Slammed “Butcher Biden” For Supporting Israel’s War And Said Ireland Disowns Him

“Keep our country out of your mouth.”

This Irish Politician Slammed “Butcher Biden” For Supporting Israel’s War And Said Ireland Disowns Him

In a speech to the European Parliament, Irish politician Clare Daly, slammed US president Joe Biden for supporting Israel’s war in Gaza  and referred to him as “Butcher Biden.”

Speaking in Strasbourg, France, on Tuesday, Jan 16, Daly, a member of the European Parliament, criticized Biden’s administration for providing both material and political support to Israel during its war on Gaza.

“Despite the catastrophic death toll it has inflicted, Israel is losing, on the ground and in the court of public opinion,” she said. “There’s no way that this ends that doesn’t leave Israel a pariah state, with occupation and apartheid on borrowed time and they know it.”

She said that this was why Israel was launching “desperate acts of aggression to provoke a wider conflict” with Lebanon, Iran and others to draw the US in to save them.

“And as Yemen shows, Butcher Biden is reporting for duty,” she said, calling out the US’ recent airstrikes on Yemen in response to Houthi rebels attacking commercial ships linked to Israel in the Red Sea.

She said that Biden and  “Europe’s Frau Genocide”, a term Daly has used to call the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen — have enabled the continuation of Israeli terror, adding that without them, it would already be over.

Daly then addressed Biden directly, saying that his ancestors in Ireland disown him, adding, “Keep our country out of your mouth.”

“And as for von der Leyen and genocidal Germany with your words and deeds supporting Israel in the ICJ: not in our name! The people of Europe stand with Palestine and with South Africa,” Daly added before walking away from the podium.

Daly shared her remarks on  X, formerly known as Twitter, where it immediately went viral, with more than 5 million views.

Since Israel declared war on Hamas on Oct. 7, Daly has been vocal about the plight of Palestinians facing Israeli bombardment in Gaza and has not hesitated to criticize politicians for their inaction.

Earlier in November 2023, she called out world leaders for their failure to protect the children in Gaza in another speech to the European Parliament.

More than 24,000 Palestinians in Gaza, including nearly 10,000 children, have been killed, and approximately 60,000 people have been injured due to Israel’s relentless bombarding and its ground offensive.

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