Joe Biden Was Snubbed By The Irish President’s Dog And Honestly His Reaction Was Quite Relatable

Misneach was not impressed.

Joe Biden Was Snubbed By The Irish President’s Dog And Honestly His Reaction Was Quite Relatable

US president Joe Biden made a visit to Ireland to meet with Misneach, the first dog of Ireland, and his human, but did not receive a warm welcome from Misneach.

Misneach and his human, Michael Higgins, received Biden on April 13, on the final day of Biden’s three-day trip to Ireland, where he met with local leaders and explored his Irish roots.

Misneach, a Bernese Mountain dog, had been at his official residence and workplace, Áras an Uachtaráin in Dublin, when Biden walked up to him with Higgins and Higgins’ wife Sabina Coyene.

A known dog-lover, Biden approached Misneach, arms open, but Misneach immediately barked back and refused to go over to greet his guest.

Biden was left looking disappointed before eventually moving on, to the laughter of the onlooking crowd.

Misneach then went about his usual business, playing on the garden grass before approaching his human, who was delighted to see him.

Misneach then snuck out again when his human tried to lead him back into the house.

This is not the first time the beloved pooch, whose name means “courage” in Old Irish, has stolen the limelight.

In 2021, when Higgins was giving a speech offering condolences after the death or Irish actor Tom Hickey, the dog was seen relentlessly tugging at the president’s hand and jacket, seeking attention, or snacks.

Misneach and Bród, another Bernese Mountain dog whose name stands for “pride” in Old Irish, often accompany Higgins on his official visits and even have their own fanpage on Twitter with more than 35,000 followers.

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