This Philippines Drag Queen Dressed Up As Jesus In A Performance And Caused A Controversy

33-year-old Pura Luka Vega lip-synced and dance to a remix of “The Lord’s Prayer”, while dressed in a Jesus-inspired costume.

This Philippines Drag Queen Dressed Up As Jesus In A Performance And Caused A Controversy

A video of a Philippines drag queen dressed as Jesus during their performance has caused a public uproar in the country.

In the video, 33-year-old Pura Luka Vega can be seen lip-syncing and dancing to the remix of “The Lord’s Prayer”, while dressed up in a Jesus-inspired costume.

philippines drag queen jesus pura luka vega
Photo via @ama_survivah / Twitter

Their performance has angered people in the Philippines, a predominantly Roman Catholic country.

pura luka vega jesus drag philippines
Photo via @ama_survivah / Twitter

Some church leaders and lawmakers called the performance “blasphemous and disrespectful”, and accused Vega of violating the law, which makes  obscene publications, exhibitions, and indecent shows a crime.

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Photo via @ama_survivah / Twitter

They apologized to those who were offended by the act but defended the performance as “drag art of the interpretation of worship.”

They emphasized that their performance was never intended to disrespect anyone.

A total of 12 cities in the Philippines, including the capital, Manila, have declared Vega a “persona non grata”, meaning they are no longer welcome in the cities.

Many clubs where drag queens usually perform and make a living have also canceled their shows.

pura luka vega philippines drag queen controversy
Photo via @ama_survivah / Twitter

“What they did was a mockery of our faith, we’re calling the act itself offensive, whether it’s done by a man, woman, or a member of the LGBTQ community,” a spokesman of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said, according to the BBC.

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