This Woman Has Become Spain’s First Lawmaker With Down Syndrome

Mar Galcerán said she wanst people to see her as a person, not just for her disability.

This Woman Has Become Spain’s First Lawmaker With Down Syndrome

A 45-year-old woman has become Spain’s first lawmaker with Down syndrome.

first down syndrome lawmaker in spain mar galceran

Mar Galcerán became a member of the regional parliament in Valencia in September 2023.

Mar Galcerán first spain lawmaker with down sydrome

The 45-year-old started her political career when she was 18, becoming a member of the conservative People’s Party, after being attracted to what she described as its “embrace of tradition.”

down sydrome spain lawmaker Mar Galcerán

For nearly 20 years, she worked as a civil servant in Valencia, where she pushed for inclusive policies.

Mar Galcerán down sydrome lawmaker spain

She then climbed the ranks and was placed in the 20th position on the PP’s list of candidates for the regional elections in Valencia last May.

spain first lawmaker Mar Galcerán. down sydrome

Galcerán also led a local group that supports families who have children with Down syndrome.

Mar Galcerán down sydrome spain lawmaker

In an interview with the Guardian, she said that people with Down’s syndrome have a lot to contribute to society and she wants to break down prejudices.

Mar Galcerán regional parliament spain down sydrome

“I want people to see me as a person, not just for my disability”, Galcerán said.

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