Here’s What Happened Around The World In March 2022

From the Philippines raising the age of sexual consent to the Russian state TV journalist who crashed a live news program to protest the war, here are some of the biggest world news stories from March 2022.

Here’s What Happened Around The World In March 2022
1. This Russian state TV journalist crashed a live show with a “Don’t believe the propaganda” protest sign.
3. A “rain bomb” hit eastern Australia, causing catastrophic flooding and the videos are unreal.
4. The Taliban Sent Afghan High School Girls Back Home After Promising Everyone Could Go Back To School.
5. The Ukrainian soldier who told the Russian warship to “Go fuck yourself” has been awarded a medal.
6. Guatemala’s attempt to outlaw same-sex marriage and jail women for 10 years for abortions has failed.
7. Emma Watson Stood Up Against J. K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Tweets By Saying She’s “Here For *all* Witches”.
8. This British-Iranian charity worker jailed by Iran as a political hostage for six years has been freed.
9. This school orchestra in Taiwan was performing when a blackout hit but it just continued and it’s incredible.
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