6 Good Things That Happened Around The World: Mexico Decriminalizes Abortion, Race Proposal At World Athletics And More

Take a break with some good news from around the world.

6 Good Things That Happened Around The World: Mexico Decriminalizes Abortion, Race Proposal At World Athletics And More

From epic dance battles to historic human rights wins, don’t miss out on some of the good news stories from around the world.

1. Mexico has decriminalized abortion, becoming the latest country to do so in Latin America.

12 out of 32 states in Mexico have decriminalized abortion, but the Supreme Court decriminalized it across the whole country Wednesday Sep. 6.

In its ruling, the high court found that Mexico’s laws making abortion a crime are unconstitutional because they violate the rights of women and girls.

It ordered abortion be removed from the penal code, meaning that federal public health institutions will be required to offer abortion to anyone who requests it.

2. These South Korean volleyball players broke into a dance battle during a match and people loving it

South Korean volleyball player Lee Da-hyun has lit up the internet with a viral video showcasing her dance moves after scoring during a match.

The 22-year-old volleyball player competed at the All-Star Game in early February.

After scoring for her team, Lee started dancing to the TikTok hit “Ting Ting Tang Tang” from Vietnamese singer Hoang Thuy Linh to the audience’s cheers.

To everyone’s surprise, a player from the opposing team, Kim Yeon-koung, also known as the “Queen of Volleyball” and the former Captain of South Korea’s National Team, then responded with her own dance to the delight of the fans.

3. This Slovakian woman race walker’s boyfriend proposed to her at the finish line and it’s so sweet

Slovakian woman race walker Hana Burzalová’s race walker boyfriend Dominik Černý proposed to her as she ran past the finish line at the World Athletic Championships.

22-year-old Burzalová and 25-year-old Černý were both competing in Budapest, Hungary, in the women’s and men’s races, which were being held simultaneously on Thursday Aug. 31 in Budapest, Hungary.

After finishing his own race, Černý stood at the finish line of women’s race walk, when Burzalová was about to finish her 35 kilometer race.

He knelt down on one knee with a ring in his hands, while Burzalová races straight towards him, smiling in astonishment.

After quickly stopping her watch, Burzalová ran into Černý’s arms and said yes.

4. A court in Hong Kong has ruled that the government must legally recognize same-sex partnerships

Hong Kong’s Court of Appeals has ruled that the government must provide a legal framework to recognize same-sex partnerships.

In Hong Kong, the constitution only recognizes “marriage” as being between between a man and a woman.

The move comes after Jimmy Sham, a pro-democracy activist, sued the government for not recognizing same-sex marriage.

Sham married his partner in the USA in 2013, but his marriage is not recognized in Hong Kong.

On Sep. 6, the court ruled that the government must provide a legal framework to recognize same-sex partnerships as there are currently no options like civil unions.

However, it still did not recognize that its ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

5. Spain has named this soccer player as the first woman coach of the country’s women’s team

Spain has named a woman to coach its national women’s soccer team for the first time.

The Spanish football federation fired Jorge Vilda on Tuesday Sep. 5, as it faces mounting pressure for its president, Luis Rubiales, to resign.

41-year-old Tomé played as a midfielder for Barcelona, Levante and Spain’s women’s national soccer team.

In 2018, she retired from playing and gained a UEFA Pro coaching license.

The same year, she was also appointed as the assistant manager to Vilda.

Tomé’s first game in charge of the team will take place on September 22, when Spain will play Sweden.

6. Zoo keepers at London Zoo held its annual weigh-in for its animals and it was adorably wholesome

London Zoo has held its annual mass weigh-in on Thursday August 24, with staff measuring the height and weight of more than 14,000 animals.

From meerkats to tigers to even the tiniest tadpole, no animal was missed from the annual health check-up.

The weigh-in allows zookeepers to keep up to date on the animals’ health information and ensure their vitals are steady.

This year’s heaviest animal was Maggie, a giraffe who weighs around 750 kilograms, and the lightest animal was the leaf cutter ant, which weighs only 5 milligrams, according to the New York Times.

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