These Are The Cutest, Coolest And Most Chaotic Rabbit Mascots Of The Lunar New Year

Some interpretations were truly one-of-a-kind and pushed the boundaries of what a rabbit can be.

These Are The Cutest, Coolest And Most Chaotic Rabbit Mascots Of The Lunar New Year

This Lunar New Year, communities welcomed the year of the rabbit with unique and imaginative interpretations, resulting in some of the most adorable and stylish rabbits out there.

Some interpretations, however, were truly one-of-a-kind and pushed the boundaries of what a rabbit can be.

Here are the cutest, coolest, and most chaotic rabbits of the Lunar New Year.

1. Shanghai’s Boxing Rabbit

Rabbit mascot at the Yu garden in China for the 2023 Lunar New Year Lantern festival

Every year, the Yu Garden in Shanghai, China, decorates its grounds with thousands of colorful lanterns to commemorate the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations, the Lantern festival.

This year’s most prominent exhibition is a rabbit lantern that some people have compared to a boxing rabbit due to the way its hands are positioned.

The rabbit and exhibition were inspired by Chinese mythology.

2. Shaolin Temple’s Snow Rabbits

Rabbits made of snow with red eyes and accessories at the Shaolin Temple in the Hebei province, China. Created for the 2023 Lunar New Year.

The Shaolin temple in China’s Hebei province has seen the construction of some unusual snow rabbits.

The snow rabbits wear red accessories like buttons and scarves, but its most peculiar and threatening characteristic is its red eyes.

One person online advised people not to annoy the rabbits.

3. Zigong’s Cyberpunk Rabbit

Cyberpunk rabbit at the Zigong Lunar New Year festival in China

Meanwhile, in southwestern China, the Zigong Lantern Festival had a single theme: cyberpunk.

In addition to futuristic rabbit interpretations, event organizers brought children’s rabbit interpretations to life.

4. Nanning’s Sheep Rabbit

Chaotic sheep-looking rabbit at Nanning, China for the Lunar New Year.

A rabbit mascot in Nanning, Guangxi, sparked debate online, with many comparing it to a sheep.

Some, however, claimed that the lamp was neither a sheep nor a rabbit.

Authorities had hoped the “ugliness” of the rabbit will attract tourists to the area.

5. The Three-Eyed Rabbit

Two three-eyed rabbit mascots, one is golden and the other one is purple. Created for the Lunar New Year and displayed in Taiwanese malls.

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, a cute little rabbit from outer space has arrived at a department store in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei.

The three-eyed rabbit, created by Taiwanese artist Robin Tang, is spread throughout the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store with six large scale installations and up to 120 small dolls measuring up to 60 cm.

In the Year of the Rabbit, this three-eyed rabbit is supposed to see farther, be more intelligent and more powerful.

6. Beijing’s Pink Rabbit

Pink Lunar New Year rabbit mascot displayed at a mall in Bejing, China.

A mall in China’s Beijing created a pink rabbit sculpture for the Lunar New Year.

The rabbit, with bright big eyes wearing a top hat, has terrified some Chinese residents, according to comments on Weibo.

7. China’s Postal Service Rabbit

china new year ugly rabbit mascot 2

China’s official postal service released two special rabbit-themed stamps to mark the upcoming year of the rabbit, and people are laughing crying at how ugly one of the rabbits is.

The stamp features a blue illustrated rabbit with a crooked smile, holding a letter in one hand and a calligraphy pen in the other.

In Mandarin Chinese, the “blue rabbit” serves as a homonym of a “blueprint” of blessings in the new year.

On the day of the launch on Jan. 5, a real-life mascot version of the blue rabbit also made an appearance at an event held by China Post in Guangxi.

The mascot was later removed due to negative feedback.

8. Chongqing’s Ugly Rabbit Lantern

Lunar new year rabbit lantern with chinese elements on sking is demolished in Chongqinq, China.

A giant rabbit lantern in China’s Chongqing was demolished after authorities received complaints that it was too ugly.

The rabbit was created using traditional Chinese paper-cutting techniques and is covered with various icons such as clouds and coins told Hongxin News.

“Internet users say that the rabbit lantern at the square is too embarrassing. After the complaint, we got someone to demolish it,” authorities of the commercial district

9. Cat Like Rabbit

lunar new year chengdu china rabbit mascot 2023 cute

Meanwhile, this adorable rabbit mascot in Chendu, China, has captured the hearts of online users.

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